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Heads Up 06
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  • Man. I tried to pull an all nighter to get this thing colored. I might be officially too old to pull that off anymore.

    • I think I started being too old to pull an all nighter when I was about 25 … I’m very protective of my sleep 😉
      The colouring job looks good, though!

      • Thanks! coloring still feels like the toughest thing for me. I’ve never been a big sleeper, but I appreciate it more and more.

        • Colouring is hard! I find it the most difficult, too. It’s stupid how long I’ll take just agonising over the what colour to make a stupid carpet. No-one mentioned to me that if you do comics, you’ve got to be a part time interior decorator … I don’t even like decorating my OWN house >:(
          I think you’re doing solid work – for instance, that sunrise over the sea a few strips back looked really nice 🙂

          • Right!? A bookshelf is crazy, when you realize you now have to color a whole bunch of book spines. People that flat for a living have my sympathies. That sunrise worked out surprisingly well, maybe too good. it made the rest of my coloring worse by comparison 😉

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