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Heads Up 09
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  • Happy Easter everybody!

    I finally finished this strip, I got my taxes done (and they turned out not to be too terrible), and I’m on Vacation! just staying home this time and doing some fun stuff around town. I think we’re gonna take Jack up to the Jamestown Settlement and archeological site. The schools don’t seem to do that fieldtrip anymore. Then catch a baseball game, do some mini golf. The important thing is, no airports.
    I wanted to throw a line for Mae at the end like” He’s probably kidding”, but it just felt like one word bubble too many.
    Oh, and if it’s too hard to read, the book is “The Adventures of Sherlock Homes”

  • It’s perfect the way you left it. And yeah, I’ll need to take the boys there one day. All the field trips around here are Zooworld, Gulf World, and Shipwreck water park. The only downfall of being so far away from the RVA/Williamsburg/DC area.

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