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Heads Up 14
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  • Well this was meant to go up last week, but Jack turned 10! we had two days of partying. Laser tag (which I haven’t done in like 18 years), Dungeons and Dragons with the guys, hangin out with the grandparents and the aunt and uncle. It’s been crazy. I also finished my second book on Amazon which is cool. It’s the Jack and Jillean adventure and it’s looking pretty snazzy in paperback.
    I should also plug that Application season is open at Spider Forest;

    • Ha ha ha! I like this guy – ‘What is all this “attempted” rubbish?’. And I love the way Bruno’s just created an insta-interview-room … XD

      Happy Birthday, Jack! 😀 Man, I’m looking forward to the day when my kids are old enough to want Laser Tag on their birthdays, instead of yet another trip to the soft play.
      Books? I didn’t know you had one book, let alone two … can you post links?

      • My kid’s reached the age where he’s playing his own music in the car (Imagine Dragons).It’s a whole new ball game. I’m trying not to think about how fast he’s growing up. The books are on Amazon(there’s a link in the right hand column), They’re sort of like practice for something more substantial someday.

        • ….. oh yes, there is totally a link there ……… I should probably have noticed that :/

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