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Heads Up 15
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  • So I tried to make three people at a table a little more visually appealing. I hope it makes sense. August is crazy for me. everyone in my family has a Birthday, including me and the wife. We turn 40 this year!

    • I’m assuming you mean the reflection in the jar – it made sense to me, and I think it was a good idea! I need to think up a few more novel framing ideas like that for my stuff.
      And happy birthday to you and your wife!

  • So they’re not lying but she is just that unimpressed by their off-time life?

  • IMO it’s the dialogue in this strip that I find the most entertaining. The quips, puns, comebacks, rejoinders and verbal sparring is/are hilarious. I like the art, plotting, framing, pacing and timing as well. I’m certainly glad I found this strip. Good luck with it.

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