Travis Shearin:travispic

Hi. I’m the creator of Bruno Harm. I live in Virginia Beach Virginia with my wife and son, and make this comic strip in whatever free time I can manage. Bruno Harm started as an Idea to take an old detective comic and a gag-a-day comic and smash them together. What came out is a strip that runs kind of like those quirky Detective shows on TV, But I didn’t want the young dashing detective. I wanted Bruno to be old, fat, and married. A guy who’s reached that time in life where you don’t care as much about what people think about you. He’s not trying to impress anyone. He’s not shy about telling people how it is. And this series isn’t just Bruno alone. As we meet the other characters in his life, we branch out into other fun genre’s to keep things interesting. His grandson Jack takes him on those outlandish kid adventures. His buddy Brady makes for a buddy cop caper. And his Daughter Candice might just be and international super spy!